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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviator SunglassesRay-Ban Aviator Sunglasses deliver exceptional fit and comfort, and the advanced Ray-Ban lens technology helps to protect against 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. They will match flawlessly with just about everything in your closet and will definitely help to protect you from the sun as well.

If you could only afford to buy just one pair of sunglasses, these ought to be the ones. Get the Aviators with distinctive gold tone metal frames along with the G-15 crystal polarized lenses for that perfect, timeless, classic look.

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglassesRay-Ban Aviator sunglasses have an exceptionally flattering fit for almost every face shape and you can also have prescription lenses added.

The Ray Ban Aviator comes in four different sizes:

Aviator Classic – One of the most recognizable and popular sunglass models. Brings together the awesome aviator design with an incredible level of quality, performance as well as unmatched comfort.

Aviator Large Metal II – Features a somewhat larger frame which includes a little softer teardrop crystal lens profile but still retains the same thin shape and monel framework as the Aviator Classic.

Aviator Small – Are just a scaled-down adaptation of the classic Aviator. These were created to fit those with smaller, narrower, petite faces. They still have the distinctive teardrop lenses, monel frames, crystal lenses, but with a much slimmer shape.

Aviator Junior – This is basically the kid form of the legendary Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. They are available in classic metal toned frames, such as Gunmetal and Matte Silver in addition to much lighter and fun colors such as Pink Mirror Silver Gradient, Gray Mirror Red/Yellow, Violet Gradient as well as other color choices.

The Aviator comes in the following frame colors:

Gold Matte Gold Black Matte Black Silver Matte Silver Gunmetal Matte Gunmetal

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses come with the following lens color choices:

Classic come in either Green G15 or Brown B15.

Legends color choices are Pink, Green or Blue.

Gradient colors are Gray, Light Blue, Light Brown, Blue, Light Green, Pink, or Yellow.

Mirrored lenses come in these color choices: Silver, Brown-Pink Silvered, Brown Gradient, Orange Flash, Blue Flash, Green Flash, Silver Flash, Yellow Flash, and Copper Flash.

Polarized lenses have these colors: Green, Brown, Blue Gradient Pink, Blue Gradient Gray, Green Silvered Mirror, and Blue Gradient Green.


New Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 58MM Gold Frame Green Polarized  Lens
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Brand New!! Ray-Ban Aviator Small Metal Sunglasses - RB3044
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