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Costa del Mar Brine sunglassesIf you know that you need a high-quality pair of performance sunglasses, but you have no idea where to start since there is such a large selection of Costa del Mar sunglasses, the Costa del Mar Brine is an excellent starting point.

The shape and size of these sunglasses look really good on most men’s faces. They have the 400 and 580 series glass lenses as well as the 580 plastic lenses.

You can get the lenses in blue mirror, green mirror, silver mirror, dark gray, dark amber, copper, gray, amber, and sunrise depending on whether you choose 400G, 580G or 580P lenses.

The frames come in tortoise, matte black, gunmetal, crystal bronze and matte crystal.

They are going to perform superbly and will look terrific off or on the water.

The most popular style for the adventurous man right now is the Costa del Mar Brine sunglasses. I think that the Brine design is the sportiest sunglasses in the Costa del Mar lineup.

The Costa del Mar Brine sunglasses come in the following frames:

and in the following lenses and lens colors:

400G – Glass lens

580G – Glass lens

580P – Plastic lens



As you have probably noticed, Costa Brine sunglasses with glass lenses cost more that those with plastic lenses. The price difference is because it costs more to produce Costa del Mar Brine glass lenses than to make the plastic lenses.




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